Ecoclear Mouse X Single Tray 3 oz.

  • VG#: 666035
  • Manufacturer: ECOCLEAR
  • Mfg #: 620112
  • Case Pack: 9
  • UPC Code: 853536004659
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  • MSRP: $5.89
  • Dealer Price: $3.50


Scientifically formulated to safely eliminate mice assuring proven results that are 100 effective against all species of mice killing them within 3-5 days MouseXis an easy to use and is an 100 naturally derived non-toxic approach to controlling mice It is SAFE even if accidentally ingested by pets or wildlife MouseX is even SAFE to birds of prey with NO RISK of secondary kill It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution No special requirements for transport handling storage or disposal and no risk of contamination to crops or food Perfect for indoor and outdoor use