Victor Power Kill Mousetrap 2 pk.

  • VG#: 041021
  • Manufacturer: WOODSTREAM CORP.
  • Mfg #: M142S
  • Case Pack: 6
  • UPC Code: 072868122798
  • Out Of Stock - 04100

  • Retail Price: $6.19


Provides a simple solution for your rodent infestations no matter the size. The large bait trough makes baiting easy and contained while also helping to lure rodents onto the trap. Setting the trap is also a simple undertaking simply set and release with just one hand. Once the mouse triggers the trip pedal the high-impact kill bar immediately snaps shut causing a quick humane kill. The easy release mechanism allows you to dispose of the rodent without fear of snapping your fingers. The Power-Kill traps were designed for both single and multiple use. After discarding of your previous catch simply reset and reuse.