Plasti Dip Junior Red 7.25 oz.

  • VG#: 517040
  • Manufacturer: PLASTI DIP
  • Mfg #: 18Z01-6
  • Case Pack: 6
  • UPC Code: 075815180018
  • Out Of Stock - 51700

  • Retail Price: $10.39


Dip-It-Yourself compound-make your own plastic grips for your tools. This coats metal, wood, glass, rubber, foam, and plastics. It does not chip or peel. It is an excellent application for tools because it gives more gripping power, insulates and serves to identify ownership. It can be used to coat ends of rope and to prevent breakage of glass bottles and containers. It also prevents corrosion of chains, locks and metal parts. Plasti Dip is an industrial grade, high solids material formulated to provide a permanent, smooth, thick coating. It is flammable, similar in appearance to flexible vinyl, and is resistant to abrasion, cutting, and marring. Just dip the item to be coated in Plasti Dip and let dry in the air-no heat required.