Bonide Japanese Beetle Lures 0.25LB

  • VG#: 047777
  • Manufacturer: BONIDE
  • Mfg #: 1972
  • Case Pack: 12
  • UPC Code: 037321019725
  • 11 Cases Left

  • MSRP: $8.89
  • Dealer Price: $5.10


These lures are designed to be used with the Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap kits. These traps will securely catch Japanese Beetles. Our Beetle Bagger lures contain a food-floral attractant & a sex lure attractant in a sealed tray with a removable top. Simply peel foil covering off of the dual lure package but don't remove the contents. Position the dual lure plastic package so that the open side faces inward toward the trap.