Hydrofarm Jump Start 36 Cell Indoor Greenhouse Biodegradable Pellets 36 pellet

  • VG#: 855435
  • Manufacturer: HYDRO FARM
  • Mfg #: JS36GH
  • Case Pack: 24
  • UPC Code: 638104003032
  • 11 Cases Left

  • MSRP: $7.79
  • Dealer Price: $4.58


Gardening is a very humbling experience and you get tomatoes pretty flowers and yummy herbs out of it Start your own garden on your windowsill or kitchen with this Hydrofarm Jump Start 36 Cell Greenhouse Have so many seeds and so little yard to plant them This Jump Start Greenhouse is perfect for starting your own garden any time of the year It includes 36 biodegradable pellets that snugly and securely help seeds germinate and root The pellets quickly expand once they are watered and the vented dome provides a greenhouse environment for your seeds to flourish By turning the cover to open or close the vents you can adjust the temperature moisture and air circulation This earth friendly reusable Hydrofarm Jump Start 36 Cell Greenhouse allows you to grow a healthy garden right before your eyes