Dramm 9 Pattern Wand 30 in.

  • VG#: 198141
  • Manufacturer: DRAMM CORPORATION (GG)
  • Mfg #: 1013600
  • Case Pack: 12
  • UPC Code: 036434604057
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  • MSRP: $38.39
  • Dealer Price: $22.94


Perfect tool for watering anything while efficiently saving on water. The seven patterns vary from a fine mist setting for seedlings, to the shower setting for mature plants and flowers. The seven patterns include: sweeper, jet, shower, mist, flood, cone and flat. The Kaleidoscope is equipped with a squeeze lever shut-off valve. Simply squeeze the lever to water and release the lever to stop watering while moving from one plant to the next. No more wasting water while moving from one plant to the next. With the bright color options it will no longer be lost in your lawn.