Melnor 2 Way Brass Hose Connector

  • VG#: 206180
  • Manufacturer: MELNOR INC.
  • Mfg #: 9000
  • Case Pack: 10
  • UPC Code: 042206090003
  • Out Of Stock - 20600

  • Retail Price: $11.19


Increase your capability with the Melnor Two-Way Metal Hose Connector with Built-In Shut-Off Valves. This handy device gives you double the water power. By simply attaching the Melnor hose connector to a standard outdoor faucet you can use two hoses from the same source. Its simple design makes it easy to control each hose independently using the built-in valves. The part has a rugged build to withstand regular all-season use with a free-spinning coupling nut for easy attachment.