Messina Pulverize Non Selective Weed and Brush Killer 32 oz. RTU

  • VG#: 982172
  • Manufacturer: MESSINAS
  • Mfg #: PWBV-U-032
  • Case Pack: 6
  • UPC Code: 813935009549
  • 14 Cases Left

  • Retail Price: $11.59


Controls or suppresses most weeds grasses moss and algae such as but not limited to annual bluegrass barnyard grass black medick broadleaf filaree broom burclover cat s ear common chickweed common groundsel commons lamb s quarters corn spurry creeping buttercup curled dock dandelion English daisy false dandelion fiddle neck fleabane foxtail fescue geranium species horsetail kudzu large crabgrass lady s-thumb locoweed low cudweed lupine mouse-eared chickweed mustard species oxalis plantain species poison ivy poison oak red clover redroot pigweed round leaved mallow rush sheep sorrel shepard s purse spiny annual sowthistle stinkweed wild blackberry wild carrot wild hyacinth and white clover