Round Up for Lawns Northern 32 oz. Concentrate

  • VG#: 004007
  • Manufacturer: SCOTTS (ROUND-UP)
  • Mfg #: 5008710
  • Case Pack: 6
  • UPC Code: 032247500876
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  • Retail Price: $32.19


Roundup For Lawns is a formula that kills weeds not the lawn It controls over 250 common lawn weeds roots and all and is especially effective on hard-to-kill weeds such as crabgrass dandelion clover and yellow nutsedge. The concentrate formula is easy to mix and measure and is the best value when applying product to your entire lawn. It only takes one bottle to cover up to 5000 square feet This fast acting formula starts killing on contact and kills weeds down to the root so they dont come back. In addition its rainproof in as little as 3 hours Roundup For Lawns is a simple step towards a beautiful weed free lawn. Concentrate amp Ready-To-Spray w Sprayer - 3.85 MCPA dimethylamine salt 1.80 Quinclorac 0.43 Dicamba dimethylamine salt 0.22 Sulfentrazone.