In Store Memorial Day Activities

Kick Off Summer Fun with Memorial Day Activities at Your Store!

As Memorial Day approaches, it's the perfect time to bring your community together and kick off summer with a splash of creativity and excitement. This year, why not host a Memorial Day Coloring Contest and Scavenger Hunt? It's a fantastic way to engage with the families in your community and add a little extra cheer to your store environment.

[Download Coloring Pages] - Get your coloring sheets here and start the fun today!

[Download Scavenger Hunt] - Ready for an adventure? Grab your scavenger hunt checklist here!

Memorial Day Coloring Contest & Scavenger Hunt

This Memorial Day, light up the imagination of our community's children with special activities designed just for them. We're excited to offer downloadable coloring pages and a fun-filled scavenger hunt that promises adventure and joy.

Here’s how families can participate:

  1. Download or Print the Activities

    • Start by downloading our custom made activites below or flipping through our digital flipbook to which includes the Memorial Day-themed pages. Then you can print them out or share them on social media to make participation easy for everyone.

  2. Coloring at Home

    • Encourage the kids to let their creativity flow at home with these coloring pages. Whether they use crayons, markers, or paint, it’s all about having fun and expressing themselves.

  3. Return and Display

    • Once the masterpieces are ready, invite families to bring their children's artwork back to your store. You can display these colorful creations near the checkout area, transforming your space with vibrant hues and spreading holiday cheer.

  4. Gather Contact Information

    • Don’t forget to collect contact information for each participant. This will help you notify the winners of the coloring contest efficiently and ensure everyone stays informed about future events and promotions.

  5. Choose Winners and Award Prizes

    • At the end of the contest, select winners to receive special prizes.

Let the Fun Begin!

Click the buttons below to download the coloring pages and the scavenger hunt checklist. These activities not only offer a fun experience but also help in fostering a sense of community and creativity among the young ones.

[Download Coloring Pages] - Get your coloring sheets here and start the fun today!

[Download Scavenger Hunt] - Ready for an adventure? Grab your scavenger hunt checklist here!

We can't wait to see the community come together for these fun Memorial Day activities. It’s a wonderful opportunity for local stores to create lasting relationships within the community while offering kids and families a memorable start to their summer. See you there!

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