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Early Season Color with Pansies and Violas

After a long winter, it’s impossible to resist the first flowers of spring. Pansies and violas are on the top of the list for early spring color. Even if Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and dumps more snow, these guys won’t skip a beat. But, there is more to these bright faced beauties. They’re edible and they can convey secret messages of love.

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How to Dry Herbs

A simple, inexpensive way to enjoy your herbs beyond the growing season is to dry them!

When talking about herbs, we’re referring to the leaves of certain plants that are usually green in color. Spices, on the other hand, are the flowers, fruit, seeds, bark and roots of tropical plants and  are typically more pungent than herbs.

While the best flavors come from freshly picked herbs, however there is always an abundance that you cannot use in one season. Drying your herbs is the next best thing!

Dried herbs can be used for anything from flavoring recipes to making a fragrant fire starter.

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