Step into a time machine with VG Supply Company's training videos – a collection so classic, it hails from an era when the excitement of having a website was headline news! Yes, you heard right. Our videos are from the delightful '90s, a time when the digital world was just blossoming, and every business's new bragging right was its online presence. While these gems might carry a hint of nostalgia with references that'll make you chuckle, don't let the age fool you. Packed with timeless insights, they're here to school you on everything from mastering lawn care and maintenance to selecting the perfect insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizer. Perfect for both the seasoned landscape professionals in Chicagoland and the enthusiastic homeowner aiming to elevate their green space, our videos promise not only a learning journey but a joyous ride down memory lane. Dive in, learn a ton, and maybe, just maybe, have a good laugh about how far we've come.

Customer Servicing & Merchandising Part 1

For practical retail knowledge and how to provide the best service to lawn and garden customers, this Growise video is an essential step in employee training. Learn how to create a more successful shopping experience for your lawn and garden supply customer by knowing the advantages of using a wholesale lawn and garden distributor and how to effectively merchandise your landscaping supplies and pest control products.

Insecticides and Fungicides

Although insects may be a pain and a nuisance that are hard to prevent, insect control is very easy. On the other hand, disease in your lawn or garden is easy to prevent but hard to control. Typical lawn and garden care and maintenance is enough to maintain a healthy landscape. However, if things get out of control it is best to use insecticides and fungicides to return your landscape to a healthy and beautiful state. Here are some of the telltale signs of pest control issues that may be harming your lawn and garden as well as how to treat them.

Fertilizer & Soil Conditioners

Many lawn care and garden experts recommend the use of fertilizer to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, many fertilizer users are not always aware of the different types of fertilizer that are required for specific lawn and garden treatment and how much fertilizer to apply. This video explains how to determine the best fertilizer for you landscape, how much fertilizer to apply, and when to apply fertilizer to your lawn and garden.

Customer Servicing & Merchandising Part 2

In this sequel to customer servicing and merchandising of your lawn and garden supply store, Growise continues to provide expertise on how to create the best landscape customer experience. It is essential to adequately stock and rotate landscape products so that customers receive the best landscaping supplies and garden products. Additionally, make sure to provide the best possible customer experience by answering questions and providing opportunities for add-on sales.

Basics of Weed Control

Weed infestation is one of the biggest nuisances for any garden grower. In this video, learn more about the basics of weed control from prevention to basic control products. Different weeds and diseases require different control methods. Identifying the source of the issue in a customer’s lawn and garden will help you to identify which weed control product will be best at getting rid of them and keeping them away. Weed control products also vary based on use including herbicides, weed killer spray, ready-to-use lawn treatment.

Basics of Lawn Care

Basic mowing and watering of your lawn is not enough to keep it lush and green. Grass in different climates grow differently and require different lawn care treatments. For landscapes that have difficult growing grass, an effective grass seed product will be essential. Sod may also be a better recommendation based on the customers’ landscaping needs. Either way, lawn fertilizer treatment and weed control products will be essential to the longevity of the grass for years to come.