Ortho BugClear Insect Killer For Lawns Landscapes 10 lb. Granule

  • VG#: 001202
  • Manufacturer: SCOTTS (ORTHO)
  • Mfg #: 0425310
  • Case Pack: 4
  • UPC Code: 071549042530
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  • Retail Price: $16.29


Kill 235 kinds of bugs including ants, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and spiders. Starts killing within minutes and provides long-lasting control. Use on lawns, around a home's perimeter and on ornamentals flowers trees shrubs vegetables fruit trees Easily apply insect spray by connecting a garden house to the attached sprayer Provides treatment for a 5 300 sq ft lawn 1 400 sq ft of foundation perimeter or across 2 700 sq ft of foliage